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Borough of East Newark
Parking Rules & Regulations
Parking permits are required for vehicles parking on Borough roadways for more than 2 hours (Monday-Friday). Please find additional information below:

2 Hour Permit Parking is Monday – Friday 9am-6pm, except Federal Holidays.

Resident Permits will be issued for those individuals residing in the Borough with documentary proof of same (Driver’s License, Insurance and Registration).

Nonresident Permits will be issued for those individuals residing or employed in the Borough with a lease or proof of employment and have their documents with a non-Borough address. There will be a yearly fee of $50.00 for non-resident permits and it must be renewed January 1 of the following year.

Visitor Permits will be issued for those individuals visiting the Borough. Visitor Permits are issued for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Any vehicle with the permit not located in the correct area will be subject to a summons.

Should you move from one address to another and remain in the Borough, you must advise the East Newark Police Department.

Permits will not be issued for commercial, livery, omnibus or taxi vehicles.

Permit to be used solely on the vehicle it was issued to.

Nonresident permits must be renewed January 1st of the following year.

Permits are not valid for street cleaning parking regulations.

You are encouraged to read the signs posted throughout the Borough so that you may become familiar with the parking rules and regulations.

Please keep in mind that all parking lot areas located throughout the Borough are private and anyone parking in a private lot is subject to a summons and the towing of their vehicle.