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Frequently Asked Questions

 * Who can schedule my marriage or civil union appointment?
    Either individual named on the license can come in to schedule the ceremony.

 * How many days in advance can I come in to schedule?
    Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis. Please allow yourself enough time to schedule.

  * What if my license expires before the date I want to get married?
      Please return the license to issuing municipality and apply for a new license.

  * How can I secure a date before I have a license?
     We cannot secure dates prior to the license being issued. 

  * How many witnesses will I need for my ceremony?
     You will need two witnesses for your ceremony.  The State of New Jersey recognizes that any individual        over the age of 7 (seven) can sign as a witness to a ceremony.  Please keep in mind that witnesses taking      an oath for the license application must be over the age of 18 (eighteen). 

  * Can I bring guests to my ceremony?
     We welcome you to bring guests, however we ask that you kindly limit your guests to 10 per ceremony.

  * Can I take photos/video of my ceremony?
     You may take photos/video of your ceremony.  

  * Where can I find additional information?
      Please visit the State of New Jersey website for additional information and downloadable forms.

State of New Jersey Requirements for Marriage/Civil Union:
Requirements for Appointments:

Once you have obtained a VALID New Jersey Marriage or Civil Union License you may visit our offices to schedule your appointment.  Appointment are on a first come/first serve basis and reservations cannot be made over the telephone.

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Obtaining a Vital Record: